DUP to vote against Theresa May's early holiday plan for MPs

  • DUP to vote against Theresa May's early holiday plan for MPs

DUP to vote against Theresa May's early holiday plan for MPs

Earlier, a ministerial aide also resigned in protest at what he called a "watered-down Brexit", underlining the pressure on Mrs May from both sides of her party.

"The only solution is to take the final Brexit decision out of the hands of deadlocked politicians, away from the backroom deals, and give it back to the people", she wrote in an article in The Times.

As Justine Greening proposes a three-way second Brexit referendum, James O'Brien says why everybody will vote with the same second preference.

Remainer Conservative MPs will try to soften the UK's Brexit policy with their own amendments to a key piece of Brexit legislation, the customs bill.

David Davis quit as Brexit minister and Boris Johnson stepped down as foreign minister last week over May's Brexit blueprint, which would keep Britain economically close to the EU.

May warned party rebels on Sunday they should fall into line, saying wrecking her Brexit blueprint could result in disaster.

Defeat on the amendment could have triggered a full-scale leadership crisis for the prime minister.

In a series of votes, May could come under attack from arch-Brexiteers in her own Conservative Party who think her plans have watered down Brexit and will leave Britain shackled to the European Union once it leaves the bloc in March.

Eurosceptics believe it keeps Britain too close to the European Union, and Davis, the former Brexit secretary, warned in the Financial Times on Monday it would deny the government the "freedom to run our own economy".

Supporters of the amendment, however, indicated it may not be moved to a vote on Monday night, partly because Remain-supporting Conservatives do not want to undermine the prime minister when she is vulnerable on her right flank.

The hardliner amendments of several dozen MPs from the European Research Group led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, basically kill off all of May's proposals in the white paper that meant to create workable solutions for both the United Kingdom and the EU.

"When MPs (members of parliament) bring forward amendments, we obviously look at those", he told reporters.

Her gruelling schedule will begin with her last Prime Minister's Question Time clashes with Jeremy Corbyn until September.

But one MP told AFP they would likely not push it to a vote on Monday, instead waiting to see what the eurosceptics do.

The government did, however, lose a separate vote on its Trade Bill on the regulation of medicines after Brexit.