Amazon Prime Day Sale Backlash, Call For ACCC Investigation

The company reported last year's Prime Day was its biggest shopping day ever and brought in the most Amazon Prime members ever during a single 24-hour period. We're not certain this is due to the same overload, but it does seem odd. Shoppers were expected to spend $3.4 billion on Amazon (amzn) during the promotion, up more than 40% from last year's Prime Day, according to Coresight Research. Hopefully, the website will be able to recover quickly so customers can enjoy the deals without frustration.

This sort of a glitch won't boost satisfaction levels for Prime Members, who tend to shop Amazon more frequently than non-members (75% make purchases two or three times a month, according to RBC's survey) and are more loyal customers.

Twitter lit up with screen shots of Amazon's Prime Day failures, which featured photos of dogs and the words "sorry".

Amazon also faced labor issues.

Amazon's invented July shopping holiday, Prime Day, got off to a less than epic start.

"The message is clear: while the online giant gets rich, it's saving money on the health of its workers", Stefanie Nutzenberger, union representative, said in a release.

"We train all year for events like this", Lindsay said. Many took to social media to complain. Adobe said other major retailers saw sales jump 35 percent on Prime Day previous year.

Shoppers experienced everything from the main Prime Day homepage failing to launch to product searches returning zero items or product links leading to error pages.

This week's strikes have also inspired widespread calls on social media platforms for shopper boycotts. But Amazon isn't the only place where people can find discounts. And Kodali said Amazon has plenty of time to salvage the day.

"Amazon is a massive behemoth - it will take more than a strike in Spain to rattle its cage", said Peter Horst, founder of marketing consulting firm CMO.