Thai Cave Rescuer Says Elon Musk’s Mission Was a "PR Stunt"

  • Thai Cave Rescuer Says Elon Musk’s Mission Was a

Thai Cave Rescuer Says Elon Musk’s Mission Was a "PR Stunt"

Amid all the other big news today, Elon Musk went ahead and called a diver involved in the Thai cave rescue a "pedo guy".

His comments were echoed by Unsworth, a participant in the rescue bid, who said Musk could "stick his submarine where it hurts". In an interview with CNN on Friday, Unsworth, a cave explorer, said that the mini-submarine Musk sent to aid the rescue mission was just "a PR stunt". "Just a PR stunt".

'Only people in sight were the Thai navy/army guys, who were great.

Elon Musk tweeted out video demonstrating how his miniature submarine worked.

Intense criticism followed. Some Twitter users pointed out how "dangerous" and irresponsible it was to make such a serious allegation and to broadcast a potentially libelous insult to his 22 million followers.

"And was asked to leave very quickly, and so he should have been", he responded. "[Musk] had no conception of what the cave passage was like".

The NYT writer said she was dumbfounded by Mr Musk's tweet and called on the billionaire to apologise.

Mr Musk then responded to Dr Zeyenp's peice and tweeted: "Never saw this British expat guy who lives in Thailand (sus) at any point when we were in the caves".

Musk can be seen in the tweet asserting to Tufecki that he intends on recording video of the sub making it to the cave network where the boys were found, as well as referring to Unsworth as "pedo guy". "Thai navy seals escorted us in - total opposite of wanting us to leave".

Perth vet Craig Challen and expert cave diver Adelaide anaesthetist Dr Richard Harris were awarded the protection following negotiations between Australian and Thai authorities, Four Corners has revealed.

"Mini-sub is ready if needed".

But the head of the rescue mission dismissed the option in favour of sticking with the plan for experienced cave divers to help the boys swim out. The team built a mini submarine dubbed "Wild Boar" (after the name of the team), which they believed could transport the boys to safety. He hit back at his critics this week, saying the dive team had instructed him to keep working on the submarine.