Ride along with Roborace's autonomous race vehicle at Goodwood

  • Ride along with Roborace's autonomous race vehicle at Goodwood

Ride along with Roborace's autonomous race vehicle at Goodwood

"When we started the Goodwood Festival of Speed (1993) we certainly hoped we'd do something people would really love".

"It is an enormous achievement for a race vehicle to complete the very first run of the hill using only artificial intelligence", said Charles Gordon-Lennox, the Duke of Richmond and Founder of the Festival of Speed.

Although the vehicle is disguised, most of the design elements are clear to see and it takes much inspiration from the FT1 Concept of 2014. This one in fact is a 1965 Ford Mustang. This year, an autonomous race vehicle is driving itself around the 1.16 mile track, while visitors to Goodwood also get to sit in the virtual passenger seat for an immersive ride along. The team used advanced scanning technology to gain a detailed 3D model of the track, allowing the auto to "know" exactly where it is. They had a hard time adapting the autonomous hardware to the car's traditional steering and suspension bits.

There's not much information about the specifics of the tech required, but we do know the car's been wrapped in a special livery celebrating the 25th anniversary of Goodwood. While nothing bad happened, the first run by the autonomous Mustang showed very clearly why so many drivers question the safety of self-driving cars.

Lee Dryden, marketing communications head at Siemens: "It's the first time we have done anything like this and yes of course it is fun to do it for the Festival of Speed, but it also makes you think what cars might be like in the future".

"The Siemens Autonomous Hillclimb challenge project connects the classic spirit of automotive adventure with advanced technology", he added.

Limited tickets for the Festival of Speed still remain and are can be purchased at Goodwood.com or by calling the Goodwood ticket office on 01243 755055.

Roborace events will take place prior to regular Formula E races, and will use the same circuits. But, let's just say doing it in a '65 Mustang looks a lot more cooler.