Senator Graham Slams Democratic Dissent of Kavanaugh

  • Senator Graham Slams Democratic Dissent of Kavanaugh

Senator Graham Slams Democratic Dissent of Kavanaugh

Leipold isn't fond of all of Trump's appointees, but he called Kavanaugh a good choice and expects the nomination to go through.

Kavanaugh also would be the sixth Roman Catholic among the current bench, and the second, along with Gorsuch, to graduate from the same elite boys' Catholic high school in suburban Maryland.

The potential "swing vote" - Kavanaugh. or Roberts? Like the other Democrats on this list, Jones has not ruled out voting for Kavanaugh like many in his party have. The vetting process, he said, is "going to be thorough and going to be done right". Senate Republican moderates Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski have been very receptive to Kavanaugh's nomination, easing pressure from the right that they could sink this SCOTUS nominee if they defect.

"Tonight's announcement is only a first step", Jones said in Twitter message on Tuesday.

Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with opposition Democrats, said Kavanaugh would serve as a "rubber-stamp for an extreme, right-wing agenda pushed by corporations and billionaires".

Kavanaugh, 53, the federal appellate court judge whom Trump nominated Monday to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, has said he would honor Supreme Court precedent on various issues, including abortion. All four sitting conservatives on the Supreme Court have long-standing ties to the Federalist Society, and Kavanaugh would follow that trend.

But: Manchin released a statement strongly suggesting that Kavanaugh's opinions on preserving parts of Obamacare will be a deciding factor for the senator.

No matter the top issue, Democrats will have a hard time derailing the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

According to the Daily Caller, it was a passerby that spotted the Supreme Court nominee on her way home from work Wednesday night. I suspect the answer depends on how many Republican Senators will. As Ashley Parker and Robert Costa reported in The Post, "Former clerks fended off criticism that his record on abortion was squishy and that his rulings were too deferential to government agencies". But barring some previously unreported damning information on Kavanaugh coming out, President Trump's nominee will be confirmed, and should be.

"It really depends on what issues stand out in the hearings, so I think that will probably or could possibly play in her favor as how she can either gain votes on the state level, but then, of course, hurt what she wants on the national level", Springer said.

Donnelly is one of the most vulnerable red-state Democrats, so he may not be able to afford separating himself from Trump on such a consequential vote.

GOP officials have told CNN they are targeting a confirmation hearing in late August - an aggressive timeline, but one that would set up a mid-September vote.

Hoeven, R-N.D., said in a statement that he anticipates meeting with Kavanaugh, whose record he said "shows deep respect and strict interpretation of the Constitution".

Kavanaugh, whose nomination by Trump has come under fire from the left, hasn't commented publicly on the debts.

Primus said it's unlikely the Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage would be overturned, but speculated that Roe v. Wade is "somewhere between in danger and definitely gone".

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh charged tens of thousands of dollars to personal credit cards over the past decade and was sometimes as much as $200,000 in debt, according to financial disclosure forms reported by The Washington Post.