Samsung Galaxy S9 can be yours at just Rs. 7,990

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 can be yours at just Rs. 7,990

Samsung Galaxy S9 can be yours at just Rs. 7,990

Once you update to the latest Samsung Experience version, head to the Home Screen Settings menu, and look for a new Portrait Mode Only option. The Galaxy S8 and S9 had rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which many users found it out of place. In addition, it also comes with a bigger price tag: about $15 per sensor, compared to the $2 price for a regular one. While the Samsung Galaxy A6 and the Galaxy A6 plus had received price cuts last week, the company now has reduced the price of the Galaxy J6 with 4GB RAM. Speculations state that the Samsung Galaxy S10+, a.k.a.

Ever since Huawei introduced its triple camera setup with the P20 Pro, fans of other Android OEMs have been wondering when their preferred brands would jump on the bandwagon as well. It is also being reported that the camera placement will be horizontal as opposed to the common vertical arrangement. In early 2019, we can expect the Galaxy S10 to make its debut and rumours are already swirling around the web with information about the unconfirmed flagship.

There were previous rumours that claimed that the Galaxy S10+ will come fitted with a triple-sensor camera on the rear.

The upcoming MWC that is to be held in February will get Galaxy S10. It will be flanked by a 16MP super-wide-angle lens (123 degrees) with f/1.9 aperture to the right and a 13MP zoom lens with f/2.4 aperture to the left.

The analyst expects Samsung to ship 31 million units of the Galaxy S9 smartphone, compared with about 50 million units of the Galaxy S7 in 2016, according to the Journal report. The upcoming galaxy device is one of the most anticipated devices with such specs and the hype it is surrounded by.