Indiana Jones 5 Gets a New Release Date

  • Indiana Jones 5 Gets a New Release Date

Indiana Jones 5 Gets a New Release Date

The plan had originally been to film Indiana Jones 5 in the United Kingdom starting in April 2019 for a July 10, 2020 release date, but because of the new script and other concerns, it's unlikely the movie will arrive on schedule.

Disney dropped a number of release-date changes this morning, chiefly - as we already knew two weeks ago - that Indiana Jones 5 will miss its original July 10, 2020 release date. As with all release date stories, the announcements relate to U.S. dates; the Ralph follow-up for example, is out in the States on 21 November this year before heading here on the 30th of the month.

It's a little surprising that the movie managed to secure a new release date so quickly, since from sounds of the news, the movie needed time to be retooled by the new writer.

Script issues are reportedly behind the delay. The studio has officially dated Dwayne Johnson's Jungle Cruise for October 11, 2019, with Angelina Jolie's Maleficent 2 opening the following year on May 29, 2020.

Spielberg also has a slate of other projects he is now working on, including a remake of musical "West Side Story" and religion drama "The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara". That bumps it nearly exactly a year from its previous July 10, 2020, release date.

Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are both returning for the next Indiana Jones movie.

The advancing age of the franchise hero, who became popular when Ford was in his late 30s, is of natural concern for fans of the action-adventure series. And if not, do audiences even want to see the so-called "mantle" of Indiana Jones passed on to a new man or woman? The biggest question mark at this point is Harrison Ford.