Woolworths is recalling rice over fears of Listeria

  • Woolworths is recalling rice over fears of Listeria

Woolworths is recalling rice over fears of Listeria

The products were being sold at Woolworths, ALDI and IGA, Campbells and independent grocery stores under brand names Woolworths Essentials, Black and Gold and Market Fare.

The retailer said none of its other frozen sweetcorn or vegetable products are affected.

The latest food scandal to hit the United Kingdom involves supposed nutritional good guys the vegetables, who, instead of being nice and giving us vitamins and fibre, are now also delivering potentially fatal listeria infections to our overwhelmed freezer compartments.

It poses the biggest threat to elderly people, pregnant women, babies and people with weak immune systems.

Woolworths has recalled its Savory Rice Mix product after one of its suppliers was identified as a likely source of Listeria.

Early symptoms include a fever, headache, tiredness and aches and pains.

Customers who have purchased the product can return it to their local store for a full refund.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, the outbreak has been ongoing since 2015 and has also affected Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden.

In February, contaminated rockmelons from a New South Wales rockmelon farm resulted in six deaths in NSW and Victoria and just last month, 21 people in South Australia were struck down with salmonella poisoning linked to alfalfa sprouts.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand have recalled nine products - a mix of corn, carrot, pea and broccoli ranges - that originated from Britain, Belgium and Hungary.

In late June, the Hungarian Food Chain Safety Office banned the marketing of all frozen vegetable and frozen mixed vegetable products produced by the plant between August 2016 and June 2018, and ordered their immediate recall.

IGA: Black & Gold Corn Kernels 500g bags.