Trump says added North Atlantic Treaty Organisation funds not enough for U.S.

  • Trump says added North Atlantic Treaty Organisation funds not enough for U.S.

Trump says added North Atlantic Treaty Organisation funds not enough for U.S.

He said that money helped boost U.S. security, as the United States regards Russian Federation and China as threats. "It's very unfair to our taxpayers".

Trump was referring to the controversial $12 billion proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Russian Federation and Germany.

Poland is reportedly encouraging Trump to oppose the pipeline because of Warsaw's own anti-Russian motivations.

She said it showed Britain's "steadfast commitment" to the alliance and how it can rely on the UK.

"That's a fundamental inconsistency in the pro-NATO position", Mr. Desch said.

They are part of Nato's non-combat Resolute Support mission to build up the capacity of Afghan defence and security forces to combat Taliban and other terror groups and work to create the conditions for peace talks. "We have highlighted the importance of this diversification of supplies to make sure that our energy systems are resilient".

"Germans need to do more and can afford to do more", on defense spending, said Simakovsky, but "you can make it harder to meet that threshold when Trump is so unpopular".

Although the 29-member military alliance's annual meetings have traditionally been fairly by-the-book affairs, expectations are different this year - thanks, in large, to Trump.

"The United States is spending far too much and other countries are not paying enough, especially some".

This year, the United States will spend about $36 billion directly on defending Europe, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a British think tank.

Trump says that his meeting with Putin will be the easiest meeting of his European tour.

"So I think the secretary-general likes Trump. He may be the only one, but that's OK with me". "We are being taken advantage of by the EU".

A long-time critic of the transatlantic alliance, Trump believes the US carries too much of the financial burden in maintaining the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defense network in Europe, and has warned he may scale back USA commitments unless fellow members increase their input. We're protecting everybody, and yet, we're paying a lot of money to protect'.

"Dear America, appreciate your allies, after all you don't have that many", Tusk said, before reminding Trump that European troops had come to America's aid following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

Mr Trump said he had not spoken with Mrs May, adding: "Boris Johnson is a friend of mine. As far as I'm concerned, a competitor - a competitor". And President Trump's told reporters that in the end he thinks everything will fine.

"Frankly Putin might be easiest of them all".

In what was supposed to be a brief photo op ahead of a bilateral breakfast meeting, Trump appeared to catch the secretary-general off guard, launching into the broadside as cameras clicked away and Stoltenberg struggled to get a word in.

Mr. Tusk's challenge to the president appeared more reflective of the European Union than of Poland, where Mr. Trump is relatively popular and leaders are lobbying for a major US military presence in their country.

After being played a video clip of Trump's remarks and being asked whether what he said is "true", Gardner uttered an uncomfortable chuckle and said, "No".

We have just signed a joint EU-NATO declaration, which brings the cooperation between the European Union and NATO to the next level.

As Trump arrived in Brussels, the U.S. Senate passed by a 97-2 margin a motion to "reaffirm the ironclad U.S. commitment under Article 5 to the collective defense of the alliance".

"It was also because of your leadership", Stoltenberg told Trump.

Trump also will meet French President Emanuel Macron.