Trump Presses NATO on Defense Spending Ahead of Summit

  • Trump Presses NATO on Defense Spending Ahead of Summit

Trump Presses NATO on Defense Spending Ahead of Summit

President Trump has dealt a blow to Theresa May before his visit to Britain by declaring the country to be "in turmoil" and saying he wants to meet his "friend" Boris Johnson.

Mr Trump responded to the comments in passing in a chat with reporters before his flight to the summit, saying the U.S. has many allies but they must treat America fairly. Some rules are a requirement mandated by the facts of global economics and the irreducible needs of individual countries and societies, including the United States.

Trump also took aim at what he indicated were trade inequities with the EU on Monday in an indication he will attempt to link the USA commitment to European security with trade.

"While these countries have been increasing their contributions since I took office, they must do much more", he wrote on Twitter. Stresses faced by the European Union, in major part because of the flow of refugees from the Middle East produced largely by the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, are also major threats to European security and directly benefit Putin.

Trump has ramped up his rhetoric ahead of the talks - including in two separate tirades on Twitter on Monday and Tuesday - making the summit one of the most hard in years for the military alliance that has underpinned European security since World War II.

"I would like to thank President Trump for his leadership on defence spending". Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned within hours of each other in protest of her plan.

"If we all speak with the same voice and say you can come into the community of nations, you can be a major player for good - but not when you're violating your commitments, violating treaties, going into a sovereign nation and trying to kill a citizen as happened in United Kingdom.,' she said, referencing the Novichok attack in Britain".

But Trump has intensified the demands to such an extent that allies worry it could damage North Atlantic Treaty Organisation morale and play into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who they accuse of trying to destabilize the West. The spending many times more than any other country in order to protect them. "Today, Europeans (collectively) spend on defense many times more than Russian Federation, and as much as China".

"Dear America, appreciate your allies", Tusk said.

Similarly, earlier on Tuesday the president tweeted, "Getting ready to leave for Europe". Well, a new report reveals another tidbit of information on what President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin talked about during that conversation.

Trump's weeklong trip to Europe will continue with a stop in Scotland before ending with a sit-down in Helsinki with Putin.

Trump's relationship with Putin, and his inconsistent stance on Russia's interference in the 2016 USA presidential election, is perhaps one of the most scrutinized aspects of his presidency.

He added, "Getting along with Russian Federation, getting along with China, getting along with others is a good thing not a bad thing, so we'll see, we're meeting with Putin on Monday well see how that goes". She insisted on the solidarity of the 29-member alliance and denounced the "malign activities" of Russian Federation and its attempts to "divide our democratic nation".