Matt Hancock to replace Jeremy Hunt as health secretary

  • Matt Hancock to replace Jeremy Hunt as health secretary

Matt Hancock to replace Jeremy Hunt as health secretary

British Prime Minister Theresa May has named Jeremy Hunt to the job of foreign secretary after the resignation of Boris Johnson.

Johnson, one of the best-known and most flamboyant members of the government, quit just hours after the resignation late Sunday of Brexit Secretary David Davis, the government's top Brexit official. He says the Brexit "dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt", and that Britain is "headed to the status of a colony", having to swallow European Union writ without "any ability to influence these laws as they are made".

"It is as though we are sending our vanguard into battle with the white flags fluttering above them", Johnson wrote in a letter that underscored his credentials as a champion of full-speed Brexit. Brexiteer Chris Green also resigned Monday evening from his post as Parliamentary Private Secretary.

The battle between 21st Century Fox and Comcast for ownership of Sky could have hit a bump in the road as a result of Boris Johnson's resignation as UK Foreign Secretary.

MP Jeremy Wright has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The decision by Johnson, a former mayor of London, to back Brexit, was seen as crucial when the issue was taken to a referendum two years ago. "Mr Speaker, this is the right Brexit", she said to jeers from the opposition Labour Party.

But it soon began to unravel, when Davis resigned late on Sunday and launched a no-holds-barred attack on her plan, calling it "dangerous" and one which would give "too much away, too easily" to European Union negotiators, who would simply ask for more.

Johnson's resignation was more perilous for May given his seniority in government. "Two secretaries of state have resigned and still we are no clearer as to what our future relationship with our nearest neighbors and biggest trading partners will be".

On Friday, May seemed to have agreed a vital Brexit plan at Chequers with her cabinet.

If she refuses to change course, she could face a leadership challenge. Many Brexit campaigners in her Conservative Party say she has betrayed her promise to pursue a clean break with the EU.