Kavanaugh Is A Strong Pick For The Supreme Court

  • Kavanaugh Is A Strong Pick For The Supreme Court

Kavanaugh Is A Strong Pick For The Supreme Court

"A judge must interpret the Constitution as written".

A pre-written - and poorly edited - statement from the Women's March on President Trump's Supreme Court nomination became the subject of mockery on Twitter on Monday night, including from Mr. Trump's former press secretary. "Tonight, it is my honor and privilege to announce that I will nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court", Trump said in a prime-time address to the nation before handing over the podium to the young judge to sell his nomination. I believe, if confirmed by the Senate, Judge Kavanaugh will interpret the Constitution as written, and I don't think he will attempt to make law from the bench.

"I propose that the Democrats offer the following compromise: Each Senate Democrat will pledge either to vote yes for Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation - or, if voting no, to first publicly name at least two clearly better candidates whom a Republican president might realistically have nominated instead (not an easy task)", Amar wrote. Brett's mother Martha Gamble served as a Maryland state Circuit Court Judge from 1995 to 2001.

Democrats are already lining up against Kavanaugh as too conservative.

Democrats fear Kavanaugh's presence on the court could tilt the balance irrevocably on defining social issues such as women's right to abortion and gay rights. Kelly Ayotte acted as sherpa for then-nominee Neil Gorsuch ahead of his 54-45 confirmation vote to the Supreme Court in April of a year ago.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey commended Trump on the nomination of Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh says he will begin meeting with members of the Senate on Tuesday. Some conservatives said Paul said he might oppose a Kavanaugh nomination, but Paul did not publicly say he would vote against him. "And just like Justice Gorsuch, he excelled as a legal clerk for Justice Kennedy", Trump added, saying his nominee "deserves a swift confirmation and robust bipartisan support". Past year the president appointed Neil Gorsuch after the Senate refused to consider Barack Obama's nomination, Merrick Garland, to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

The White House noted Kyl served on the Senate Judiciary Committee "during the confirmations of 4 of the last 5 justices who have joined the Supreme Court".

A handful of Senate Democrats running for re-election in states that Trump won handily in 2016 could face a hard vote on the court nominee, potentially providing Republicans with an additional buffer if they decide to support the president.

Democrats have turned their attention to pressuring two Republicans, Sens. And all three are running for re-election in November in states Trump won. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, to oppose any nominee who threatens Roe v. Wade. McConnell had said the victor of the presidential election should make the choice.

Trump vowed during the campaign to appoint justices who would vote to overturn Roe, the 1973 ruling that legalised abortion nationwide, and his appointment to replace Kennedy could make that a reality.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh hasn't made his stance on Roe v. Wade or abortion clear. "Trump did not move too fast in naming a nominee", said Trevor Burrus, a research fellow at the Cato Institute's Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies.