Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws by 2020

  • Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws by 2020

Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws by 2020

The coffeecompany announced Monday that it will phase out plastic strawsfrom all of its stores by 2020.

The company is the latest to announce a ban on the straws as global awareness of ocean pollution and harm to marine life increases. Its beverages will feature recyclable lids featuring a raised lip, like those pictured here.

For customers who prefer to have or need a straw, Starbucks said straws made of paper or compostable plastic will be available upon request - for their Frappuccino blended beverages.

By the fall, all cold coffee beverages in Seattle and Vancouver will be served with the same strawless lid now offered for the cold brew drinks.

According to a release, Starbucks said the lid is now available in more than 8,000 stores in the US and Canada for select beverages, including Draft Nitro and Cold Foam.

"This is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in more sustainable ways", Kevin Johnson, president and chief executive of Starbucks, said in a statement.

Instead, Starbucks cups will have a strawless lid or an alternative-material straw option available.

McDonald's recently said it would switch to paper straws in the United Kingdom and Ireland by next year, and test alternatives to plastic straws in some USA locations. In February, Dunkin' Donuts said that it would eliminate polystyrene foam cups from its stores by 2020.

The announcement from McDonald's followed an April proposal by the United Kingdom government to ban plastic straws in the country. Last week, Seattle became the latest city to ban plastic utensils and straws.

In the United States, local governments are already putting similar restrictions into place.

Starbucks is saying goodbye to its signature green plastic straws. Oakland and Berkeley, California, and other cities have also banned the use of disposable straws.

The mega coffee brand announced that it is slowly getting rid of plastic straws, and will serve iced drinks using a plastic lid with a teardrop-shaped opening in an effort to reduce waste and become more environmentally friendly. "We hope others will follow in [Starbucks'] footsteps".