Hamilton backtracks while Ferrari boss attacks Mercedes

Hamilton said that "sometimes we say dumb" things and "we learn from it".

The collision on the opening lap was the second in three races in which a Ferrari had hit a Mercedes, which led to several at Mercedes to question the Italian team's tactics. "We need to find some performance in the race starts to avoid incidents like we saw [at Silverstone]".

"I lost almost 3kg trying to get back to the top for you and my team", he wrote.

Mercedes and Ferrari's fierce rivalry has become even more tense in recent weeks with Hamilton's clash with Raikkonen not the first contact between the teams.

"I barely had any energy at the end to stand let alone talk".

"Thank you for loving me for being me with all my flaws". However, [it] was nothing to do with anger, [I was] literally just exhausted both mentally and physically.

"There will be other battles, where most likely Mercedes will win, but this is a lesson for us to stay classy - a thing that they haven't done today".

Record crowds at the British Grand Prix were treated to a thrilling weekend, as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel both shone in a battle befitting of their huge talent.

However, the genius of the reigning world champion was witnessed as Hamilton fought back tremendously in front of his home crowd to finish the race in second place, splitting the Ferraris on the podium.

Raikkonen received a 10-second penalty for the incident and said he accepted that it was his fault. In France I lost my wing so I screwed my own race.

But in a post to Instagram, Minttu Raikkonen, who has been married to the Finnish driver since 2016, wrote: "If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet".

Minttu said: "Just to be clear, I was not talking about the driver but the team who was crying afterwards that someone did something on goal". We chose to go for the track position, it was the right call in my view, and we wouldn't have won the race otherwise in my opinion.