Erdogan to take oath as Turkey’s1st Executive President with vast powers

  • Erdogan to take oath as Turkey’s1st Executive President with vast powers

Erdogan to take oath as Turkey’s1st Executive President with vast powers

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday took the oath of office as Turkey's first executive president.

The inauguration in parliament after Erdogan's June election victory will be followed by a lavish ceremony at his palace attended by dozens of world leaders marking the transition to the new executive presidency system.

The new system abolishes the post of prime minister, granting the president the power to appoint the cabinet - which he was expected to announce later on Monday - and unelected vice-presidents.

The introduction of the new presidential system marks the biggest overhaul of governance since the Turkish republic was established on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire almost a century ago.

State television channel TRT broadcast Erdogan's described Monday's swearing-in as the "first day of the new Turkey".

Erdogan, who has transformed Turkey by allowing Islam to play a greater role in public life and boosting the country's global stature, will take his oath nearly two years after defeating a bloody attempted coup.

They accuse Erdogan of trying to monopolize power since July 2016, when Ankara was threatened in an abortive coup purportedly orchestrated by his nemesis Fetullah Gulen, a friend-turned-foe clergyman based in the United States.

Among 22 heads of state attending will be Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, regarded with disdain by Washington but an ally of Erdogan, and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

More than 150,000 state employees have lost their jobs in the crackdown following the coup attempt, and Turkey's interior minister said in April that 77,000 have been formally charged and kept in jail during their trials.

He won re-election on June 24, with 52.59 per cent of votes.

Under his leadership, Ankara started accession talks with the European Union, which stalled amid EU criticism of human rights in Turkey.

Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Saturday nominated Yildirim as parliament speaker, an appointment likely to be rubber-stamped by the chamber on Thursday. The lira has also fallen by a fifth in value against the dollar this year.

On Saturday, Erdogan said he would tackle high interest rates, inflation and a wide current account deficit.