At least 54 die in Quebec amid extreme heat

  • At least 54 die in Quebec amid extreme heat

At least 54 die in Quebec amid extreme heat

And alarming numbers show a rising death toll in Canada related to the heat.

The number of people who have died due to heat-related complications has increased from yesterday's 17 to 33, around Quebec, according to Public Health officials.

Dr. Mylene Drouin, the regional director of Montreal's public health department, said ambulance services reported receiving more than 1,200 calls overall in Montreal on Wednesday.

Numerous victims were men over the age of 50 living alone in private apartments and seniors' residences, according to David Kaiser of Montreal's public health department.

Eighteen of the deaths occurred in Montreal, where the temperature Thursday was expected to climb to 113 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity.

Media reports that Quebec is experiencing this heat for the first time in the last few decades.

Health officials in Quebec this week urged people to drink plenty of water, reduce physical activity, seek out air conditioning, and stay in the shade.

"The record temperatures are expected to continue in central and eastern Canada, so make sure you know how to protect yourself and your family", Trudeau said.

No deaths had been reported for the same period in the neighboring province of Ontario, which has also sizzled under extremely high temperatures.

Montreal-area paramedics aren't expecting a big drop-off in calls today despite the more bearable conditions.