The Next iPhones Will Come in Too Many Colors

  • The Next iPhones Will Come in Too Many Colors

The Next iPhones Will Come in Too Many Colors

The choice of colors also raises questions.

The largest of the rumored phones is the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone that the report claims will come in the traditional black and white - much like the iPhone X - but there will also apparently be a new gold shade too. The iPhone X comes in silver and black.

This means that Apple will introduce new Blue and Gold colors, assuming the Grey refers to the current Space Grey and White refers to the current Silver and Red is the Product (Red).

Apple is expected to release three iPhones later in 2018, roughly designed like the current iPhone X, but in three sizes: one the same as the X, one a bit smaller, and one about the size of an iPhone 8 Plus. Will the red version be a (PRODUCT) RED version?

Another interesting tidbit from Kuo's report is that he expects the cheaper 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to account for 55 percent of sales when it's launched, with that percentage growing through 2019. The company had taken a similar strategy with the iPhone 5c a few years ago when it launched the handset in a multitude of colors to attract young consumers. Specifically, the lower-end model with an LCD screen, expected to cost between $600 and $700, could be coming in a few new colors including red, orange and blue. The 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch iPhone X variants will do well at launch due to the hype surrounding them at launch and early adopters, but over time, it is the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone that will find more takers.