Scott Pruitt Resigns as Head of the EPA After Restaurant Confrontation

  • Scott Pruitt Resigns as Head of the EPA After Restaurant Confrontation

Scott Pruitt Resigns as Head of the EPA After Restaurant Confrontation

In a tweet Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump said he had accepted the resignation of the beleaguered EPA chief. "If that doesn't stop I'm going to be forced to be in a position where I say, 'Scott, you're not doing your job'".

Pruitt's replacement, Andrew Wheeler, is a former coal industry lobbyist with Faegre Baker Daniels who spent almost a decade trying to get Congress to pass industry friendly laws.

Last month, while praising Mr Pruitt's "fantastic job" at the EPA, the president admitted, "I'm not happy about certain things, I'll be honest". "We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright!"

"It is extremely hard for me to cease serving you in any capacity, but also, because of the transformative work that is occurring", Pruitt wrote in his resignation letter to the president. The Washington Post reported Pruitt had aides try to get her a job at the Republican Attorneys General Association with a salary topping $200,000 per year.

"Despite his brief tenure, Pruitt was the worst EPA chief in history", said Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity. Within the last few months, multiple internal and congressional investigations were launched into reports that Pruitt retaliated against employees and whistleblowers who raised concerns about his spending decisions-a particular concern for watchdog groups and lawmakers because such actions could violate federal law. He has also been accused of using his security detail to track down fancy hand lotion.

Pruitt's departure comes amid growing scrutiny over the EPA's spending under his leadership.

But the potential appearance that the nation's top environmental regulator was getting a favor from a lobbyist who might have business with the EPA struck many as wrong. He rented an apartment linked to oil industry lobbyists in a pricey neighborhood of the capital for a mere US$50 a night, a sum he only paid for on nights he actually slept there.

The one thing of which we can be sure is that Trump was not troubled by the ongoing scandal of Pruitt's ideological devotion to the interests of the fossil-fuel industry at the expense of EPA's core mission.

Beyer and Lieu, in their letter to the inspector general, said the allegations were supported by an analysis of Pruitt's public calendars.

Pruitt had become a constant source of embarrassment to a president who had entered Washington promising to "Drain the Swamp".

Earlier this week, a woman confronted Pruitt at a Washington restaurant and urged him to "resign before your scandals push you out".