How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

  • How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

How to clean up Xbox One add-ons for more free space

Groups is an enhancement to Xbox's Pins feature that allows you to create different collections of any of the items under Games and Apps.

Today we're having a peek at the insides of the July Xbox Update, and what it means to partake in its greatness.

Xbox One's July update also introduces several improvements to Mixer. The update introduces FastStart, a new tech that will let you start playing new games quickly. You'll only need to download a portion of the game before you can start playing, and this is done by identifying the files you need, and getting those first.

Microsoft says a number of games available on its Xbox Games Pass program will be available to download using FastStart starting today and more games will follow suit sometime down the road - no extra developer work required.

However, there are two restrictions worth mentioning with FastStart - it's only available for "select" English-language games for now, and players will need to have at least a 20MB internet connection to take advantage of it. It will allow you to launch a game about twice as fast as you were able to before. Whereas Fortnite has you building structures and placing traps, The Darwin Project gives you the task of constructing weapons, traps, and other survival equipment in order to get the upper hand on your opponents.

If you'd like to search for content of any sort, press the Y button in the dashboard.

In addition, Microsoft has enabled multi-touch support for touch-ready devices, which opens the gates for multiple controls to be used at the same time. You can now broadcast your webcam in full screen from your Xbox, and the quality and performance of broadcasts have also been improved in Mixer, according to Microsoft.

With the July Update, Microsoft is making it easier to search on your Xbox.

In Mixer, users can now Share Controller - or with a PC, with this latest update, users can share full mouse and keyboard bindings, too.