Child's Play is getting a movie reboot

Don Mancini has served as a screenwriter on every "Child's Play" installment, including an upcoming television series, but he will not be working on the story for Klevberg's reboot. Even though original creator Don Mancini has remained involved with the film franchise from the beginning, and a new sequel arrived a year ago, MGM is moving forward with a remake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM has put into a development a remake of Child's Play, the 1988 horror classic directed by Tom Holland (not that Tom Holland, of course).

What do you think about a new Child's Play? Mancini and franchise producer David Kirschner told Bloody Disgusting that MGM reached out and asked if they would like an executive producer credit on the remake.

Brad Dourif has been playing Chucky the killer doll for almost 30 years. The reported angle for the reboot will be a "contemporary reboot involving a group of kids. and a technologically-advanced doll enters their world". The studio tapped Polaroid filmmaker Lars Klevberg to direct the remake, with Kung Fury scribe and seasoned video game writer Tyler Burton Smith attached to pen the script. And now, fresh from his cameo in Ready Player One, it sounds like the iconic killer-doll Chucky will be making a cinematic comeback in the form of a Child's Play reboot. All of the sequels were released by Universal.

"We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before", Mancini said of the TV series.

Collider says MGM is trying to keep details around the "Child's Play" reboot quiet and the film was developed under a different name, similar to how Lionsgate handled Adam Wingard's "The Woods", which was revealed just shortly before release to be "Blair Witch". However, the report also states that the complications with the rights could also be behind why we're hearing all of this new info about the franchise.