Luis Suarez says Uruguay can control Kylian Mbappe

  • Luis Suarez says Uruguay can control Kylian Mbappe

Luis Suarez says Uruguay can control Kylian Mbappe

Only team-mate Luis Suarez has now.

The match may not have the makings of a goal feast but still promises to be a fascinating battle between two teams who repeatedly punch above their weight and who are a mirror image of each other. And when Uruguay got its chance to counter, it was deadly with the combo of Suarez and Cavani.

Portugal had more than 60 percent of possession.

"There was a cross to the left, then a cross to the right - there is no scheme against that".

The Uruguayans are an elite defensive group, with a midfield that dominated Portugal and never allowed Ronaldo to take over like he has so many times before.

Their efforts finally yielded before the hour's mark.

Following a corner, Ronaldo rose high, but it was the unmarked Pepe, 35, who sent home the header from behind, as the oldest Portugal player to score at a World Cup.

Midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur said that Cavani "is doing very well, happy about advancing".

Portugal were so close to level again in the 70 minute when Silva's drove the shot above the bar. previously reported that Uruguay defeated Portugal 2-1 to become the second country to reach Russian Federation 2018 quarter finals. They could have proceeded to the knockout stage as the Group B victor until late second half when a controversial penalty goal from the opponent forced them to settle in a draw.

Portugal hasn't reached the World Cup quarterfinals since 2006, when a young Ronaldo led the team to the semifinals and an eventual fourth-place finish. We'll see what happens, we'll do [medical] exams. At 31-years-old, speculations had it also that Messi's would retire from global football.

At the world championship 2022 in Qatar, the Portuguese will be for 38 years.

Ronaldo's hat-trick in a thrilling 3-3 opening draw against Spain helped light the competition up, but after that he netted just one goal, in the side's 1-0 victory over Morocco.

Fernando Santos insists that Cristiano Ronaldo "still has a lot to give", playing down talk that the Real Madrid forward is about to retire from the global stage. "So if he plays against us, he'll have destroyed science, so stop making us believe that he'll play against us".

Tabarez, who has coached Boca Juniors and AC Milan during his time, has always preferred to build him teams from the back, often arguing that tiny Uruguay does not have the resources to play flowing, attacking football.

"I think we will win, but you can't forget you can only win if you play well and I think we'll play well".