Japan's oracle octopus becomes sashimi

  • Japan's oracle octopus becomes sashimi

Japan's oracle octopus becomes sashimi

Like some sort of subsurface albatross, the unfortunate death of Rabiot did not bode well for Japan, who were booted from the World Cup shortly after he was condemned forever to fiery torment.

An octopus who had predicted all three of Japan's group stage results at the World Cup has been turned into seafood.

According to the Independent website, Rabio was placed in a plastic paddling pool and encouraged to pick one of three boxes representing a win, loss, or draw for the national team, where it correctly tipped them to beat the South American side in their first match.

Abe added that another octopus will be used to predict future matches at Russian Federation 2018. Whichever it swam toward first became its prediction.

The octopus proved to be a spineless Jimmy the Greek, correctly choosing Japan to defeat Colombia, tie with Senegal and lose to Poland.

Japan's 2-3 loss to Belgium on Monday. He also said he would be using a new octopus, Rabio Jr, to predict Japan's results for the rest of the World Cup.

The oracle octopus didn't get a chance to prognosticate Japan's elimination game against Belgium.

Unfortunately, as the Samurai Blue undergo final preparations ahead of their historic game on Tuesday, fans will be devastated to learn that Rabiot was gutted, cleaned and sent off to the market only days after Japan's qualification.

Other outlets made sport of the creature's fate.

The BBC noted that Rabio wasn't the only invertebrate to act as a media-propped prophet.

"I hope Rabio's successor will accurately tip the results of all games and Japan will win the World Cup", Abe told Mainichi.