Austria strips Iranian of diplomatic status over bomb plot arrest

  • Austria strips Iranian of diplomatic status over bomb plot arrest

Austria strips Iranian of diplomatic status over bomb plot arrest

President Donald Trump woke up on Tuesday and chose to complain about the number of Iranians who received USA citizenship during the Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Instead, Trump is likely referring to a Fox News article, based on another article, based on another interview with a hardline Iranian politician, who first mentioned the unconfirmed figure.

As a result, many with direct ties to the Iranian government now reside in the U.S.

Officials Fox News spoke to said that there is no basis for Zolnour's claim. "The 2015 deal saw the USA, the European Union, Russia and China agree to lift sanctions imposed on Iran's nuclear program, and in return, Iran agreed to curb its program, limiting it to peaceful applications and allow comprehensive inspections by an independent agency, [but] there was never any mention of US citizenship being offered as a sweetener in the deal".

A report by The New Yorker in 2012 revealed that the United States had covertly trained MEK members in Nevada during the Bush administration, an operation that required the utmost secrecy due to the organization's official classification as terrorist.

Department for Homeland Security figures show that 13,114 Iranians received green cards in 2015, the year of the Iranian nuclear deal, while another 10,344 were naturalized that same year.

"We, signatories of this petition, kindly request you to issue an order to deport the children of the high ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran who have entered the different ways", the descriptions states. "It shouldn't be lost on anyone that this is a case of Donald Trump parroting Fox News, which is peddling the claims of an Iranian hardliner", Jeff Prescott, the former senior director on President Obama's National Security Council, told CBS News. So far, neither the Trump administration has not responded to requests for evidence.

"Regime change in Iran is within reach as never before", leader Maryam Rajavi said at the event.

The headline from Fox News, Sean Hannity, and others has been circulating for a couple of days now. Zolnour led the regime parliament's "Nuclear Committee of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission", so he would certainly be in the know about Iran deal-related matters. But Iranian currency has since plunged against the dollar, from 42,000 rials to 90,000 to the dollar.

Donald Trump walks off after delivering a statement on the Iran nuclear deal from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, May 8, 2018.

And with the Iran nuke deal going under, Iran is blaming the US for its financial woes.

-Iranian citizens that the Trump administration is trying to free.

"Rouhani has warned the country that it faces an "economic war" with the USA, but analysts have warned that hard-liners are likely behind the protests seeking to challenge the more moderate president", Irvine explained. "Rouhani is under pressure since the nuclear deal agreed with the Obama administration was torn up by Trump, [and] as a result, worldwide firms and oil companies have backed away from billion-dollar deals with the Islamic Republic". Beyond that, Obama painted a picture of an Iran "rejoining the community of nations" upon being granted sanctions relief.

Neither the State Department nor Justice Department would comment on the allegations. "I think they did so because they were desperate to get a deal".