Russia takes US to WTO over steel tariffs

  • Russia takes US to WTO over steel tariffs

Russia takes US to WTO over steel tariffs

Trump made the comments while seated next to Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte, as the two prepared to hold a meeting in the Oval Office.

Former U.S. International Trade Commission Economist Peter Morici on President Trump's concerns about the WTO, Europe's migrant crisis and the state of the U.S. economy.

"We're not planning anything now, but if they don't treat us properly we will be doing something", Trump said.

President Donald Trump has drafted a new bill which would allow him to raise USA tariffs at will, tearing up World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, according to leaked documents obtained by Axios. The United States has imposed tariffs on European steel and aluminum imports and is conducting another national security study that could lead to tariffs on autos and auto parts.

President Donald Trump's administration has drafted legislation that would allow him to flout World Trade Organization rules and raise tariffs without congressional approval, Axios reported Sunday.

Scaramucci's comments come just days after he said that Trump's trade wars may be going too far.

"It would be the equivalent of walking away from the WTO and our commitments there without us actually notifying our withdrawal", a source familiar with the bill told the outlet, but added that Congress would never agree to the bill, describing it as "insane". "The only way this would be news is if this were actual legislation that the administration was preparing to roll out, but it's not", says Lindsay Walters.

"It is no secret that POTUS has had frustrations with the unfair imbalance of tariffs that put the a disadvantage".

The move means Russian Federation has joined other powerful WTO members - including the European Union, China, India, Mexico and Canada - in fighting back against President Donald Trump's controversial trade policies.

The EU exported 37.4 billion euros ($43.6 billion) of cars to the United States in 2017, while 6.2 billion euros worth of cars went the other way.

Under the bill, Trump would be able to impose tariffs without congressional consent.