Uber Wants More of Its Drivers to Use Electric Cars

  • Uber Wants More of Its Drivers to Use Electric Cars

Uber Wants More of Its Drivers to Use Electric Cars

In Portland past year Uber offered an EV leasing program for drivers there.

The program, called the EV Champions Initiative, will include a bunch of new features in the app for Uber drivers.

The ride-hailing service on Tuesday launched its EV (electric vehicle) Champions pilot program - a scheme to encourage drivers to ditch their fossil fuel-burning cars in favour of electric-powered ones, in seven cities (Austin, Los Angeles, Montreal, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle) - with the goal of facilitating at least 5m trips over the next 12 months. Jerry Brown's executive order, issued earlier this year, which calls on the state, now home to 410,000 EVs, to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles to 5 million by 2030. To support the program, Uber is installing additional EV charging stations in the coming weeks at its San Diego Greenlight Hub. The EV Champions Initiative will address these three concerns.

Participants in the program gain access to EV education and resources.

Basically, Uber will offer drivers a little bit of money if they drive people around seven US cities in either hybrids or fully battery-powered electric vehicles.

The company has also updated their mobile app to alert EV drivers of trips that may last 30 minutes or longer, so that they can plan their drives accordingly. The company will also provide in-app notifications to riders when they are matched with an electric-car driver. In Canada, Quebec drivers will receive memberships to an EV advocacy group that can give them reduced insurance premiums.

Studies by the International Transport Forum, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that when shared and electric mobility are properly combined, along with automation, it can shrink the number of vehicles on the road and reduce transportation's climate footprint. The program expands on previous pilots conducted in Portland, Oregon and Pittsburgh. Together with its partners, Uber aims to better equip its drivers for success using an electric vehicle on the popular transportation platform.