Memorial blood drive set for June 23

  • Memorial blood drive set for June 23

Memorial blood drive set for June 23

Haviland Drainage Products, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, are partnering together in the Missing Types campaign.

GroundTruth will be leveraging the power of its location technology and targeting to drive new donors and those who have not given recently to their nearest Red Cross donation center, increase online sign-ups to give blood, and build brand awareness for the need for new donors. Right now, the blood bank's stock is below that minimum, according to the release. World Blood Donor Day falls on the birthday of Karl Landsteiner (June 14, 1868).

The Red Cross positioned the launch at the beginning of summer in response to lower donation numbers, which they experience every summer when high school and college students go on break.

As part of an global movement, the American Red Cross is launching the Missing Types campaign to recruit new and existing donors to fill an urgent shortage of blood supply. Some blood types are rare, so promoting the need for rare donor types is also part of this event.

"We need only two per cent of the population to give blood annually to be able to meet our local demand for the precious commodity", he said.

Dr Moeti drew attention to the kind gestures of regular and voluntary blood donors for patients in need, and encouraged people to care for one another by donating blood. The number of days until they are eligible to donate again is visible to provide a handy reminder when a donor can donate again.

The Red Cross says every two seconds, someone in this country needs a blood transfusion.

Community Blood Center is counting on blood donors and their "Do it yourself" spirit to help build a better blood supply this summer.

Every two seconds, someone in the USA needs blood.

"Imagine a world without A, B, and O. Mom, dad, love; they lose their meanings.and that's what we want people to know at the American Red Cross", said Theresa Blank, Senior Account Manager American Red Cross.

Visit or call 0800 11 90 31 for more information or to find out where to volunteer as a blood donor. "I was scared for my daughter's life-what was going to happen if she didn't get the blood she needed?"

Each day, blood and platelets are needed for accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those like Lily who are receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or sickle cell disease.