Korean leader arrives in Pyongyang after Trump summit

President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un are signing a joint agreement, although the exact details are still unknown.

The leaders also invited each other to their respective countries and both leaders "gladly accepted", KCNA reported. The report said they "celebrated" Kim "on the success of the summit". "By the way, Korean stuffed cucumber is stuffed with Koreans - Kim is a monster".

However, some are still wary of the nature of the summit, with some saying the document signed between the two leaders looks "scarily like a draft agreement". "Trying to reason with someone like that is like trying to hand feed a shark".

The spectacle was a major coup for an isolated and heavily sanctioned regime that has long craved global legitimacy.

Speaking the day after an unprecedented summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Pompeo told reporters in Seoul negotiations on Pyongyang's atomic arsenal could move forward quickly and would take place "most certainly in the president's first term".

The US President said: "Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office".

The first-ever meeting between sitting leaders of the two Cold War foes meant "the World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe!" he said in an earlier message.

"No more rocket launches, nuclear testing or research!" The hostages are back home with their families.

At the summit, Trump emphasized what North Korea has to gain by giving up its nuclear weapons and rejoining the global community - a subject he returned to on Twitter.

He said he was confident Pyongyang understood the need for verification that it was dismantling its nuclear programme. The President told Stephanopoulos that he had long wanted to end the "war games" because they were expensive.

With the headline: "Meeting of the century opens new history in DPRK-US relations", the North's ruling Workers Party official daily Rodong Sinmun splashed no fewer than 33 pictures across four of its usual six pages.

US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Mr Trump's cost reasoning for halting the exercises was "ridiculous".

When questioned on the wording of the statement, Pompeo said Wednesday that Trump's intention was to allow the United States the opportunity to pursue further productive conversations on the issue with Pyongyang.

We have 32,000 soldiers in South Korea.

Pompeo also cautioned that the USA would resume "war games" with close ally South Korea if the North stops negotiating in good faith. You know, we did sanctions and all the things you would do but I think without the rhetoric, you know, other administrations, I don't want to get specific on that, but you know they had a policy of silence.

On Wednesday, Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera pointedly said the drills played a "vital role in East Asia's security".

The president said there was no tit-for-tat deal with Pyongyang where there is denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula in exchange for an end to US military exercises with South Korea.

Max Thunder's air combat exercises so unnerved North Korea that it issued threatening statements that almost scuttled the summit. "One can't completely denuclearize without validating, authenticating", he said.

"Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea", Trump added.

But critics charged the summit legitimised Kim, whose regime has been accused of multiple human rights abuses, and said the summit was more about headlines than substantive progress.

"It was a great photo-op", Akira Kawasaki, from the ICAN anti-nuclear group, told AFP.

"But the substance needs to be followed up".