Woman looks for 50 relatives buried by volcano

  • Woman looks for 50 relatives buried by volcano

Woman looks for 50 relatives buried by volcano

"But like other natural hazards, the exact size, timing and flow direction of a volcanic eruption is unknown".

Officials search efforts for the missing were suspended for the third straight day on Saturday amid risky conditions, but in places like San Miguel Los Lotes families and volunteers continued the search.

In two of the canyons where flows have accumulated, columns of ash rose as high as 6,000 metres, according to a Friday morning statement from Guatemala's volcanic institute. There are people who are fleeing and may wind up at the nation's southern border.

"The [flows] carry hot vapor, including fine particles similar to cement. and tree trunks dragged out by the current", the institute said.

Guatemala's deadly eruption has so far claimed the lives of more than 100 people as rescuers continue to scour the ash-ravaged landscape, with many more people still missing.

Rescuers previously said it would be highly unlikely they could find any survivors after 72 hours since the original eruption on Sunday, The Associated Press reports. However there are as many as 200 people still missing from the eruption and many family members assume they are dead. Without the necessary equipment, residents have been forced to use their hands and small tools available to remove large mounds of ash and rock.

Eufemia Garcia watched in horror as Guatemala's Fuego volcano sent scalding ash and gas surging over her home a week ago, burying her children and grandson among 50 of her extended family.

There are also questions remaining about why evacuation orders for at-risk villages came too late. Few heeded the warnings.

"With this volcano eruption, the situation has changed", she said.

Authorities in Guatemalan have already launched an investigation into the official response to the crises.