White House Pays People To Tape Documents Trump Rips Apart

  • White House Pays People To Tape Documents Trump Rips Apart

White House Pays People To Tape Documents Trump Rips Apart

Meet Reginald Young Jr. and Solomon Lartey.

Lartey wasn't the only records management analyst to complain about the absurdity and indignity of his job. But he had never seen anything like this in any previous administration he had worked for. "I would never have thought I would have gotten fired". However, Trump could not be deterred from tearing apart papers and throwing the pieces into the bin after he had finished with them, or worse, onto the floor.

White House officials enlisted records management employees to tape back together papers from President Donald Trump's office that he constantly rips up, according to a new report from Politico. This does not jibe with the Presidential Records Act, which stipulates that basically every piece of paper the president touches must be shipped off to the National Archives to be preserved for posterity.

It has been reported that the USA president regularly tears up papers he is legally required to keep, meaning staff have no choice but to somehow retrieve them. This is the same law that ostensibly prevents the president from deleting tweets as well.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment about the practice. "We got Scotch tape, the clear kind..."

"We had to endure this under the Trump administration", Young told Politico. "It was the craziest thing ever".

"We literally had to spend hours per day piecing together the puzzle prior to taping them", Young told host Alisyn Camerota after going through the process in which he carefully spread out ripped pieces of paper on a desk and reconstructed them.

Lartey did not work alone.

According to Politico, White House staffers had the torn documents collected from the Oval office and the president's residence and then turned them over to records management to be reassembled "like a jigsaw".

Lartey said he was just a few years away from his retiring with full benefits when the Trump administration fired him.

"I'm looking at my director, and saying, 'Are you guys serious?'" Young told Politico. "It felt like the lowest form of work you can take on without having to empty the trash cans".

While this hardly ranks high on the list of this President's violations of our norms and laws, it's among the most weird. Both men are unemployed and still have questions about why they were terminated.

This would seem to simply be yet another example of a sheer lack of impulse control, combined with an incredible disregard for the law. So, what's to be gained?