Trump Tariffs Slam Canada, EU-Not China

  • Trump Tariffs Slam Canada, EU-Not China

Trump Tariffs Slam Canada, EU-Not China

"Trudeau did not make President Trump look weak", Hayden said on CNN Newday Monday.

From Singapore, where he is set to hold a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he unleashed a volley of angry tweets targeting the European Union, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO allies, including Germany.

President Donald Trump said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "learned" from the mistake of criticizing him and it's going to cost Canada "a lot of money".

Trump's favorite U.S. network Fox News invited Canada's outspoken former conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, usually a reliable Trudeau critic, to discuss the crisis.

Before the apology, some US lawmakers on Tuesday questioned the strong language the White House and Trump have used toward Canada in contrast to the praise he gave North Korea at Tuesday's summit in Singapore.

Trump has consistently railed against what he claims are unfair trade practices by some of America's biggest trade partners, including Canada.

"It is at the very early stages, there has been no conclusion but that is an issue which the prime minister raised very clearly with the president in the bilateral meeting on Friday". "Kim must not see American weakness".

Trump again presented the U.S. as the victim of unfair trade deals during the interview with ABC on Tuesday.

Following the G7 meeting, President Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, trashing his "false statements" and describing Trudeau as "dishonest and weak".

The president has barely disguised the real reason for these trade actions, tweeting most recently that, "Our Tariffs are in response to his (Canada's) of 270% on dairy!"

While Trump expressed surprise at Trudeau's remarks, his comments were largely in line with what Canadian officials had said since Trump's announcement of tariffs.

"[Trudeau] really kind of stabbed us in the back", Kudlow said.

"Very disappointing and childish and unprofessional behavior [from Trudeau]", Gorka said while on Fox & Friends on Monday.

Given the confusion, we should not take for granted that traditional USA allies will continue to stand with us.

"A reasonable, balanced and firm assertion that Canada will not be bullied, and that we will retaliate if the US Administration does not end its attack on our steel exports". "We don't think that that is a useful or productive way to do business", she said.

Trudeau's itinerary was marked "personal" and he was not in the House of Commons.