Trump contradicts US military stance on Korea war games

"We still look at Trump and the USA behavior with pessimism and we can not be optimistic about the USA behavior", Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Behram Qassemi said Monday, alluding to the USA president's dropping of JCPOA - the 2015 nuclear deal brokered by Barack Obama. "By granting a meeting with Chairman Kim, President Trump has granted a brutal and repressive dictatorship the global legitimacy it has long craved".

The statement comes on the heels of Trump slamming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as dishonest and weak while instructing his advisors to back out of a joint statement he had agreed to with USA allies at the G-7 summit. He also said he'd like to remove all 28,500 US troops stationed in the South, although he made clear this was an option for the future, not a part of current negotiations.

"I want to bring our soldiers back home", Trump said, although he added that it's "not part of the equation right now". Last week, Trump told reporters that Rodman had not been invited to the summit, but praised him as a "nice guy" and great rebounder.

"He just wanted me to reach out and thank you for some of the positive things you said and appreciate you being helpful in this process".

"But still, a large number of South Koreans are maintaining a healthy skepticism toward North Korea".

It's a weird one, to be sure, and for lots of people on Twitter, it's all more proof that 2018 is just a little too out there, and none of us can get off the ride.

Zionist Union head Avi Gabbay, meanwhile, drew parallels with the Palestinians, saying in a tweet that: "what happened between the United States and North Korea could also happen in the Middle East and elsewhere". In his view, preparedness equates to more effective deterrence - persuading potential adversaries they can not win and thus should not attack.

On Tuesday, Trump stunned some watchers of the summit in Singapore when he said the United States would suspend joint exercises with South Korea, making a major concession to the North while seemingly receiving nothing in return.

President Donald Trump's interview with Fox News host and senior advisor Sean Hannity revealed the opportunity for a new real estate project in North Korea if things go well.

"Obama didn't even give me the time of day", Rodman said.

Rodman, wearing a MAGA hat, blasted Obama for not paying attention when he said he had a message from Kim Jong Un, and wept when discussing the backlash he faced for his visits. "I look forward to further comment and clarification from the president when he gets here". I knew it. I was the only one. And I believed North Korea and when I came home, I couldn't even go home. Or at least, the logistics of banking the large amounts of profits seen in the marijuana industry in the U.S. is complicated and risky.