The Last of Us Part 2: watch 12 minutes of intense gameplay

Before introducing Last of Us Part II, we were introduced to game composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who humbly walked onto stage with a hoodie and a simple banjo.

While the introduction to the game starts off in a peaceful barn, it quickly transitions into a densely forested area with plenty of dangers lurking about.

Ellie - now 19 - is set to be the main protagonist in the second instalment of the game. The enemies actions against her are sharp and calculated.

After some light disembowelment, the game goes into the usual The Last of Us stealth gameplay, confirming Ellie to be at least playable.

Video game stories from other sites on the web. On top of that, enemies appear to be more coordinated now, and Naughty Dog's overhauled engine looks wonderful. You can see the trailer below for the anticipated sequel, which does not now have a release date. Ellie's facial expressions, movements, and even the environment are very well done. A previously unseen character speaks with Ellie at the event and presumably references Joel when he says, "Your old man laid into me today".