Sydney Loofe: Duo charged after Tinder date murder

  • Sydney Loofe: Duo charged after Tinder date murder

Sydney Loofe: Duo charged after Tinder date murder

Trail and Boswell had recently moved to an apartment in Wilber, where they dealt antiques and rare coins, according to the Omaha World-Herald. They had planned a second date for the following night.

A Nebraska couple bought the tools that police believe they used to dismember their Tinder date hours before they allegedly strangled her to death with an extension cord.

The charges come months after Trail reportedly confessed that Loofe died of suffocation after her November 16 date with Boswell.

Loofe had told her co-worker Terra Gehring how excited she was - but the next morning, Loofe didn't show up at work. Her vehicle was still in her driveway.

In late November, Trail and Boswell were arrested on unrelated fraud charges in Branson, Mo., and have remained in jail since then.

Loofe, 24, had met Boswell on the dating app Tinder. Investigators believe Boswell, who lived with Trail in Wilber, helped Trail dismember Loofe and get rid of her remains.

The pair were named as persons of interest when Loofe failed to return home after her meet up with Boswell.

Trial told an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent he strangled Loofe with an extension cord after she went on a date with his roommate. Authorities searched the residence on November 19 and noticed the walls appeared "wiped down in an effort to clean them", the documents said.

Prosecutors allege that Aubrey Trail told investigators he he strangled Sydney Loofe, 24, with an extension cord.

"It wasn't supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not".

'It wasn't meant that she was to die'.

While it's still unclear how Sydney Loofe died, the Lincoln Journal Star reported that the last two people to see her alive, Aubrey Trail, 53, and Bailey Boswell, 23, were charged Monday for the 24-year-old's murder.

Video surveillance at a Lincoln Home Depot store show Trail and Boswell purchasing items on November 15 that investigators believe were used "in the dismemberment and disposal" of Loofe's body.

Before he was formally charged, Trail began calling reporters at the Omaha World-Herald, telling the story piece by piece and even expressing frustration that authorities hadn't charged him yet. "I hope that Sydney is found very soon". Nine days later, on February 6, he called the same reporter and told him how Loofe died: "It was suffocation", he said.

'It happened in Saline County.

Trail and Boswell appeared in court for the first time Tuesday in orange jumpsuits as a judge read the charges against them and appointed attorneys for them.

Both were denied bail.

They face the death penalty if convicted.

"A life for a life - that's the rules in my world", he said.

Trail gave an interview with a newspaper back in January, and even said "I should be put to death".