Stocks mostly rise following Trump-Kim summit

  • Stocks mostly rise following Trump-Kim summit

Stocks mostly rise following Trump-Kim summit

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that a summit between the US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un showed President Putin was right to encourage direct dialogue as a way to reduce tensions. He told reporters that if the US concludes they no longer are, the freeze "will no longer be in effect".

That evening, Abe talked with Trump by phone for about 30 minutes.

Japan has maintained a hardline position on North Korea despite a whirlwind of diplomacy towards Pyongyang in recent months, and has been left largely on the sidelines as South Korea and the United States have held talks with Kim.

Trump added: "Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea". "I think they will be continued for a while". Bush took a tougher stance toward North Korea, and the 1994 nuclear deal collapsed because of suspicions that the North was running a secret uranium program.

The administration's argument is that the incremental approach used by past administrations has allowed North Korea to extract rewards and incentives from the USA, only to ultimately renege and refuse to give up its nukes.

While South Korean stock investors lent considerable weight to the meeting between the two Korean leaders, they were less excited by this week's events in Singapore. Pompeo was slated to fly on to Beijing later Thursday.

The reports hailed Kim for "steering the geopolitical situations surrounding the Korean Peninsula and opening a new chapter in relations between North Korea and the USA with energetic external activities". The document signed by the two leaders was not immediately released; it basically said the two sides want to "denuclearize" the Korean Peninsula, but offered no details.

Before the unexpected thaw between Pyongyang and the US, North Korea had repeatedly threatened to target US troops in the region.

Trump declared he and Kim had developed "a very special bond", and Kim said the leaders had "decided to leave the past behind" and promised, "The world will see a major change".

Trump's claim that North Korea no longer poses a nuclear threat is questionable.

Pompeo stressed that the Trump administration would only accept complete denuclearisation of the North.

Most Western observers have said the deal includes no new commitments from North Korea nor details on how denuclearisation could be achieved or verified.

President Donald Trump returned to Washington on Wednesday to piece together a new world reality, one he hopes will result in a nuclear-free North Korea and maybe one day a Nobel Peace Prize. "In the past, old practices and prejudices worked against us and placed many obstacles in our way, but we overcame all of them and we are here today". -South Korean drill that is due in August, Reuters reported.

"I have no idea" whether Trump secured anything of substance, Senator Corker, the retiring chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said. He told reporters on tarmac upon landing that it had been a "great three days". He said he planned to continue sharing the view with Washington and Seoul.