Small raccoon makes big climb up skyscraper in downtown St. Paul

A raccoon stranded on the ledge of a building in the U.S. city of St Paul, Minnesota, captivated onlookers and generated interest on social media after it started scaling an office building.

Instead, it hopped over to the UBS building next door, and began climbing.

The critter, which was dubbed #MPRraccoon online, was first spotted on a ledge of the building a few stories high on Tuesday morning.

The raccoon has now made its way 23 stories up the exterior of the UBS Financial Services building.

Several downtown Twitter users snapped photos Monday of the raccoon stranded on a second-story ledge by the Seventh Street Skyway near Cedar Street.

Minnesota got its very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Raccoon Tuesday - and Twitter can't look away.

It appeared, by about 1:30 p.m. local time, he had almost reached the top of the building.

MPR reporter Tim Nelson tweeted a video of the raccoon "doing a little grooming" from the 23rd floor's ledge, "now that he's a social media star".

If the raccoon does make it to the top of the tower, the city's department of safety inspections plans to set a trap for it, so they can safely take return it to ground level.

The windows of the UBS Tower don't open, so at this point animal control authorities hope it keeps going to the roof where it can be rescued in a live trap, according to WCCO.