Puerto Rican Day Parade displays post|hurricane pride

  • Puerto Rican Day Parade displays post|hurricane pride

Puerto Rican Day Parade displays post|hurricane pride

"People have really turned the page on everything that happened previous year", Maldonado said.

This year's 61 annual celebration was unlike any other with spectators looking to celebrate their heritage and spotlight Puerto Rico's hardships and lagging support the island has received following the devasting effects of Hurricane Maria.

There will be floats, musicians and brightly colored costumes when the Puerto Rican Day Parade makes its way along Fifth Avenue this Sunday, as there always are.

"We're here calling for a public and citizen's audit of the debt and an accounting for the thousands of Puerto Ricans who died from government neglect", Natasha Lycia Bannan, associate counsel with the civil rights group LatinoJustice PRLDEF, wrote on Twitter.

"We're part of the United States". Along the parade route, people carried signs with tributes like "New York Stands with Puerto Rico", "You will not be forgotten" and "Decolonize Puerto Rico". "We are Americans, and I think that I came to represent the fact that no one wants to admit that nearly 5,000 lives were lost in Hurricane Maria", Ortiz said.

"This is a year where Puerto Rico has been devastated", said Louis Maldonado, chairman of the board that oversees the parade and its affiliated events.

A man rolls on a hover-board along Fifth Avenue during lasy year s National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NY.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Manhattan City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson were among the dignitaries on hand for the event. "I'm just exhausted of the way my island has been treated".

Those watching the parade in person saw that in the marching contingents, including one made up of people who are on the USA mainland only because they were displaced from their homes on the island, he said.

"We've never been in this kind of situation before and we don't want to reach this point", she said. He and the group he is marching with plan to be in black T-shirts that reflect the Harvard study's estimate of the dead.

'They said, 'Great. We can work on our tans.' And I said, 'Not exactly.

Trump last week attended a meeting on disaster preparedness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington. That includes permanent extensions of emergency relief for families displaced by Hurricane Maria; equitable fiscal policies that will jumpstart Puerto Rico's economy; and finally, a rebuilding process grounded in democracy, inclusive of local communities, and focused on the critical needs of impacted communities now two weeks into a new hurricane season.

The president thanked Governor Rick Scott of Florida for helping with recovery efforts and noted that the power company was "in bankruptcy prior to the hurricane".