Polish man convicted of kidnapping model

  • Polish man convicted of kidnapping model

Polish man convicted of kidnapping model

Lukasz Herba, 30, from Tividale, was jailed for almost 17 years after being convicted of kidnapping the model by an Italian court.

She was taken to a remote mountain village where she was kept for nearly a week before Polish national Lukasz Herba drove her back to Milan and released her near the British consulate.

She is reported to have said in her police statement to Milan police: 'The man who was with me at the consulate - after my kidnapping at the studio and after two men took me to an apartment by auto - was the only one who held me prisoner for entire duration of my kidnapping, who watched over me, stopped me from going out or escaping, threatening me that they would kill me if I did so.

One officer giving evidence to the trial described how the model suffered "physical violence including being drugged, handcuffed and brutally transported inside a suitcase".

Herba claimed that Ayling was in on the kidnapping and agreed to the scheme to help boost her career.

The 30-year-old threatened to auction her on the internet while trying to extort £230,000 from her agent Phil Green.

She said: "I'm so very happy this is all over".

Now she's able to say, 'I know it's a weird story but it's a true one'. Herba was said to have been acting for a group which sells women as sex slaves on the "dark web" to buyers in the Middle East.

"There were many cases in which she was publicly shamed about this", Pesce said.

Herba told the court: "I was in love and I was hoping once her fame took off she would repay me with feelings and we would share the money".

During the hearing the accused said he had elaborated the scheme with the young mother because he was in love with her.

She said Herba showed her photos of other girls who were reportedly being sold over the deep web.

But in his shifting story line, Herba also testified previously that he concocted the alleged criminal group and that his brother - not a Romanian criminal group - helped him in the scheme agreed to by Ayling.

She said she was told she would be auctioned off online since she was not able to come up with 300,000 euros ($355,000) that the criminal "Black Death" group was seeking.

Italian prosecutors are seeking the brother's extradition from Britain.

Ms Ayling told investigators that she did not try to escape, even when she accompanied Herba into a shop to buy shoes, because she was terrified, believing his threats that he was part of a bigger criminal gang that had eyes on her constantly. According to the Sun, Herba was also ordered to pay £60,000 damages to Chloe for what happened.

"Let´s not forget she was bundled into a suitcase, injected with ketamine in the boot of a vehicle and thought she was going to die", Sington added.

Ayling's lawyer, Pesce, dismissed the attempt to discredit his client, saying "there have been films made about every crime in the world".

"This has been an incredible burden on her shoulders for the previous year in the face of media criticism of her motivation and this is vindication - her story is true", he said.