Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced

  • Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced

Devolver have delivered, so we will too - here are some great old games you can still enjoy. It was an Xbox exclusive and released only in Japan despite being fully in English. Originally released on Xbox in 2004, it's become something of a meme in the gaming community.

What made this game legendary outside of Japan is its absurd premise. As Wilson is escaping the White House, he steals a secret suit of powered armor known as "Metal Wolf".

Video game stories from other sites on the web. It'll sport remastered visuals, widescreen format and the original voice cast. The mech game Metal Wolf Chaos made by From Software (Dark Souls) was one of those, and even though it never saw a United States release beyond a hidden demo on the Official Xbox Magazine disc, people have been looking out for it ever since.

Devolver Digital teased the game's release on Saturday.

Those upgrades are nice, but the real story here is the simple fact that gamers everywhere will finally be able to play one of the most absurd and hilarious action games ever made.

Among all of the madness that took place at Devolver Digital's "big fancy" pres conference at E3 this year, their announcement concerning Metal Wolf Chaos was still somehow one of the biggest surprises.