Fernando Alonso retires from Canadian GP, his 300th F1 race

Michael Andretti, the owner of the Andretti Autosports team which helped McLaren and Fernando Alonso contest last year's Indy 500 and a likely partner in any full-time venture, was Brown's guest on Friday and Saturday in Montreal.

His double success against one of the best drivers of all time displayed what a promising career he would have in front of him.

"Probably it will never change, really", he said.

However, when one looks at the history of F1 in Canada, where the Grand Prix was held at Mosport in 1967, '69, from '71-'74 and '76-'77, and Mont-Tremblant in 1968 and 1970, victory would still leave the Maranello outfit trailing McLaren which has won the Canadian round of the world championship on 13 occasions.

"We're in talks with Fernando, as he said it was about this time a year ago that we started having conversations. These are the three biggest races in the world of motorsport", Alonso told Sky Sports television.

"There are 21 races and we all know in this table what's going to happen in the next 14 races".

"He's been doing Formula One a long time and I think he is enjoying driving as much as he ever has", said Brown. You can play basketball, and have a magic night and score 40 points with your team-mates and win the game.

Alonso then compares F1 to football especially with the FIFA World Cup coming up in Russian Federation and there a few favourites to lift the infamous global trophy come July 15.

"There are favourites for the World Cup, but you can't guarantee Germany, Spain or Brazil will win, but here everyone can guarantee that Mercedes or Ferrari will win the race, and this is very sad for the sport". Maybe, but maybe not.

F1 has been criticised a number of times over the last few seasons of how tiresome the races have been.

After four tough years involving McLaren's fallback in the midfield, the two-time world champion has begun to diversify his options by racing in this year's Rolex 24 at Daytona as well as the entire 2018/19 WEC "Super Season" with Toyota. No other team was close to the silver arrows' pace. "This is a world championship of constructors, not drivers", he said after qualifying.

Alonso appeared to resurrect his title hopes with a move to Ferrari, but after he was beaten by Sebastian Vettel at the season-concluding races in 2010 and 2012, he was shown the door after the Italians grew frustrated with him.

"I'm probably not the fastest driver in the race, or in wet conditions, but I am a 9.5 in all areas, and I try to benefit from that".

"It was nothing, but it was some gift for the mechanics and for the motivation and for the sponsors". Now we can do whatever and we won't be P1 because the differences are huge.

Do you agree with Alonso's thoughts on F1?

"Now, it's just a train of cars every two weeks".