Trump finds time to tweet before meeting with Kim Jong Un

  • Trump finds time to tweet before meeting with Kim Jong Un

Trump finds time to tweet before meeting with Kim Jong Un

Hours earlier, a jet carrying Kim landed.

While the president has more recently sought to temper expectations of what he may be able to achieve with the summit, he has also said the interaction amounts to a crucial test in determining whether Kim is genuine in committing to rid his country of its nuclear program.

He and Trump are set to meet Tuesday morning in the first summit of its kind between a leader of North Korea and a sitting U.S. president.

Trump is set to meet with Lee on Monday.

Trump predicted that he and Kim will have a "terrific relationship", while Kim spoke of a new start.

USA and North Korean officials met Monday at the Ritz Carlton in this island city-state to negotiate before the first sit-down between a United States president and a North Korean leader, which is meant to settle a standoff over Pyongyang's nuclear arsenal. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations and insisted on anonymity.

The two clasped hands for a long while Tuesday as they posed for photos in front of a row of USA and North Korean flags. It also has two presidential suites, so Trump and Kim won't have to duke it out over who gets the big room. But it will only be the beginning of a longer process. Trump briefly called off the summit a few weeks ago before agreeing again to the meeting.

"I think that I brought awareness to a lot of things around the world and I think North Korea has given a lot of people the opportunity to do this conference now and I hope it's a success", Rodman told reporters.

U.S. and North Korean officials are set to meet Monday morning in Singapore to make final preparations for Tuesday's meeting. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Ambassador Sung Kim, and National Security Council Senior Director for Asia Matt Pottinger will join for the working lunch.

The summit has officially begun, with Trump and Kim shaking hands and posing for photographs.

Rodman has no official role in the diplomatic efforts between his country and North Korea, but he appears to be invested in promoting positive ties between Washington and Pyongyang.

Part of the interest in Tuesday's summit is simply because Kim has had limited appearances on the world stage.

Trump tweeted hours before the meeting that "we will all know soon" whether he can broker a deal with Kim that would help stave off the threat of nuclear war.

The discussions between the United States and North Korea are ongoing and have moved more quickly than expected.

There was no word on how Trump was spending the night before the summit. China and South Korea would have to sign off on any legal treaty.