Tesla Autopilot: Elon Musk promises 'full self-driving features' by August

  • Tesla Autopilot: Elon Musk promises 'full self-driving features' by August

Tesla Autopilot: Elon Musk promises 'full self-driving features' by August

Autopilot resources, he said, had so far "rightly focused entirely on safety".

"Latest update should have a positive effect on latter issue especially".

It would require any company making electric cars in california to be certified as having a "fair and responsible workplace" in order for those cars to get a special "clean vehicle rebate project" tax credit.

Looking through the recorded performance data, the autopilot system was engaged on four separate occasions during the 32-minute trip, including a continuous operation for the last 18 minutes 55 seconds prior to the crash. "With V9, we will begin to enable full self-driving features", Musk tweeted.

Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot package can be purchased at $5,000 for Autopilot 2.0 cars and on the top of that, an additional package for "Full Self Driving Capability" will cost $3,000.

Dubbed by Musk as "Tesla Version 9", the new software will likely only be available for Tesla vehicles with the Autopilot 2.0 features - that is, vehicles manufactured after October 2016 with the "Hardware 2" stack that Tesla claimed provides the necessary equipment to allow full self-driving capability in the future.

Consumer groups argue Tesla's marketing - and even the name "Autopilot", which calls to mind a free-flying jet - contributes to a unsafe misunderstanding for drivers, suggesting they can take their hands off the steering wheel.

Musk has previously said the software will "never be perfect" and is not created to replace human control of a vehicle. Also with the Model Y SUV in the pipeline, the new Roadster has been slated for 2020. Musk said the upgrade package could even enable the auto to "fly short hops. maybe".

Electronic driver aids such as automatic emergency braking, and active lane control constitute what are known as adaptive driver assistance systems (known as ADAS in Europe).

"The impact rotated the Tesla counter clockwise and caused a separation of the front portion of the vehicle", the report said. They have cameras, radar and sonar sensors.

Edris Rodriguez Ritchie, an attorney for the NLRB, said Tesla asked workers to sign confidentiality agreements that were "overly broad" in preventing them from publicly discussing their working conditions.