Resident Evil 2 Is Finally Getting The Remake It Deserves

  • Resident Evil 2 Is Finally Getting The Remake It Deserves

Resident Evil 2 Is Finally Getting The Remake It Deserves

HOLY SHIT! At the Sony Playstation E3 2018 Press Conference we got a nice showcase trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 HD Remake, complete with a release date. As an aside, the Resident Evil 2 remake will also feature modes from the original game. This may disappointment some fans who were hoping that the game would be similar to the remake of the first Resident Evil game, which kept the fixed camera angles, but offered new gameplay and significantly improved visuals.

Other details haven't been revealed at the moment, such as how much the game will cost and whether there are any perks available for preordering. Players can expect fresh take on the stories of Claire and Leon, as they move around the city in a desperate effort to stay alive.

The switch to an over-the-shoulder camera is a big change for sure, but otherwise it looks like the Resident Evil 2 remake is retaining numerous elements that made the original game a survival-horror classic. Leon S. Kennedy is a rookie cop who finds himself tied up in the madness of Raccoon City when he reports in for the world's worst first day on the job, while Claire Redfield is a street savvy college student who defies the danger of the city as she searches for her brother, Chris. Stunning lighting brings the familiar rooms and corridors of Raccoon City Police Department to new life. "We want fans to see the reimagining of Resident Evil 2 not only captures the magic of the beloved original, but also expands it to deliver a richer experience".

Also added is real-time damage to zombies, so if you use a shotgun on one of them, their bodies will show the effects immediately and continue to degradate. Players will feel they're in the shoes of heroes Leon and Claire, terrified to step out of the light for fear of what flesh-eating nightmares might await them in the darkness.