People Are Already Selling Their Elon Musk 'Not a Flamethrowers' on eBay

  • People Are Already Selling Their Elon Musk 'Not a Flamethrowers' on eBay

People Are Already Selling Their Elon Musk 'Not a Flamethrowers' on eBay

Amid an ongoing national debate over gun reform and the Second Amendment, some took issue with the fact that such unsafe machines were sold for a mere $500 by the Boring Company, which did not require a background check of would-be flamethrower owners.

Elon Musk's flamethrowers do not use a mixture of flammable liquids to launch flames great distances, like its military counterparts.

While customs agencies have yet to release a further comment on the changes, the Boring Company's not-so-subtly titled Not a Flamethrower should be able to make its way into the hands of the remaining 19,000 with Musk planning to ship the devices on time - relatively.

Those who bothered to put the products up for auction are looking to turn a profit-most of them are listed for more than $3,000, with one listed with a "Buy it Now" price of $20,000, according to CNN.

The 46-year-old multi-billionaire hosted a pick-up party in Los Angeles where customers could collect the first batch of 1,000 Boring Company flamethrowers. Instead, they work more like large propane blowtorches.

While it may seem like just fun and games to some, people are already burning things down that should probably be avoided, and using the for-sure flamethrowers in ways that violate the terms of their purchase. "When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower".

Musk swiftly proposed his solution of a name change to circumvent quarrels. While it was interesting news from Elon Music and the Boring Company, we couldn't help but imagine having a flamethrower in our lives. "Will offer a TBC ice blaster before the dry season starts in winter". The first promotional products were simple Boring Company hats.

Elon Musk hinted at the Boring Company's plans to launch a "freezegun" in a tweet back in January.

It's unclear how much a round-trip would cost, but the Boring Company said it will be "comparable to or lower than current public transportation fares".