Neal Boyd Dead - 'America's Got Talent' Winner Dies at 42

  • Neal Boyd Dead - 'America's Got Talent' Winner Dies at 42

Neal Boyd Dead - 'America's Got Talent' Winner Dies at 42

Boyd, the Season 3 victor of America's Got Talent, has died. The opera singer was only 42 years old.

Scott County Coroner Scott Amick told Fox News the Season 3 victor died of an array of diseases pertaining to his weight, including heart and kidney failure and liver disease.

E! News reported that Boyd had been seen by numerous doctors before he died, as he was in heart and kidney failure, and he had liver disease.

During the incident a year ago in Scott County, Missouri, the "AGT" winner's vehicle went off the side of the road, into a tree, airborne and then into another tree. "[Recovery is] a very slow progress. I shattered a lot of bones, and shattered my hip, which has left me nearly unable to use that leg for now", he told the outlet in February. "We're talking with an orthopedist about possibly replacing the hip".

America's Got Talent star Neal Boyd has passed away on Sunday 10 June. He beat out violinist group Nuttin' But Stringz and singer/pianist Eli Mattson to take home the million-dollar prize. He then released his debut album "My American Dream" in 2009, and he performed at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Mr. Boyd also ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for a southeast-Missouri U.S. House seat, losing in the general election in 2012 and in the primary in 2014.