IHOP changes name to IHOB, internet has a lot of fun

At least one IHOP restaurant - fittingly in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard - is changing its signage to IHOb on Monday, management said.

Burgers! The chain known for a breakfast staple has added more hamburgers to the menu.

The brand has "flipped the "p" to a "b" in their iconic name for the time being, including its Twitter handle", the news release reads.

Whataburger's Tweet may win the internet Monday.

Both restaurant chains serve burgers and pancakes.

Big Brunch: Hickory-smoked bacon, fried egg, potato, American cheese and a "delicious new signature burger sauce". Why would they change their name and switch up their favorite product line-pancakes? The company disclosed the new IHOb identity last week, although it didn't say what the "b" represented.

Burgers. The "B" is for Burgers.

Though it remains to be seen if the new moniker is here to stay, several celebrities and other restaurants took to Twitter to share their hilarious reactions to the new name.

Cowboy BBQ with bacon, onion rings and barbecue sauce. "We've pancaked pancakes for 60 years now so it's the flawless time to start burgerin' burgers".

Professional baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies went to the trouble of making its own name change announcement video that turns the MLB franchise into the "bhillies".

Until now, IHOP featured just three traditional burgers on its menu.

IHOb has released what the "B" means, and for those of you who said breakfast, you're wrong.