Robert De Niro Censored for Saying "F--k Trump" at the Tonys

Robert De Niro got bleeped by CBS while on stage at the 2018 Tony Awards, but we can let you know what he said live at the show on Sunday (June 10) in New York City. "F*** Trump", De Niro said, without any preamble.

Robert De Niro didn't hold back at the Tony Awards, using an expletive to blast US President Donald Trump.

It's far from the first time De Niro has spoken about Trump.

De Niro received a standing ovation from many audience members. But De Niro stepped up to the mic and chose to get one thing out of the way first.

And he said of the actor, "it's Robert De Niro".

The actor and frequent critic of President Donald Trump used his appearance on the Broadway award show to deliver a succinct and biting remark to Trump. "He talks about how he wants to punch people in the face, well, I'd like to punch him in the face".

CBS censors were quick on the trigger, excising everything DeNiro said up to the point where he started basking in the audience's reaction and putting up his dukes like he was Jake LaMotta in his prime. Always fighting for, in your own words, truth, transparency, and integrity in government.

"And again, just like in 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with fearless, exacting journalism", De Niro said. "Boy, do we need that now!" "I'd like to punch him in the face!"

He went on to argue that people should be upset about Trump's rhetoric if they were angry about De Niro's.

He also described him as an "idiot" who "lacks any sense of humanity or compassion" in a speech at a Los Angeles benefit for the promotion of higher education in March, and banned him from ever eating at his chain of Nobu restaurants.