Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan dies

  • Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan dies

Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan dies

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan has died, as Rolling Stone reports.

He passed away on 8 June according to a post on the band's official Facebook page by drummer Mick Fleetwood.

Mick Fleetwood announced the passing of his bandmate, calling him a "huge force" for the iconic band's early years. Danny was presented with the honor along with seven other members of Fleetwood Mac, including Mick, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Peter Green, John McVie, Christine McVie and Jeremy Spencer.

The tribute also listed the fan-favourite albums that featured Danny's work - including Then Play On, Blues Jam At Chess, Kiln House, Future Games and Bare Trees. He then played on their third album, Then Play On, released in September 1969, which reached #6 on the United Kingdom charts.

The cause of his death was not immediately disclosed.

'Thank you, Danny Kirwan.

As a teenager, Kirwan's band Boilerhouse supported Fleetwood Mac at venues in London before he was invited to join the group itself in 1968.

A singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, Kirwan was just 18 when he joined the beloved band. "You will be forever missed!" Kirwan wrote some of the key tracks on those albums, "Sands Of Time", "Child Of Mine", and "Bare Trees".

By 1972, the group's evolving lineup had changed significantly. Though the album failed to chart in the United Kingdom, it reached #70 in the U.S. Five of the album's 10 songs - including the title track - were written by Kirwan.

Kirwan released four solo albums during the Seventies, but his career continued decline amid alcoholic binges and mental health issues that left him broke and reduced to living on the street.

Kirwan was sacked by Fleetwood, who became acting manager in the band, in 1972 due to continued confrontations regarding his alcoholism.