Barack Obama pays tribute to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain

  • Barack Obama pays tribute to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain

Barack Obama pays tribute to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain

It was Bourdain's sudden death that has many of his fans reflecting on his earlier years - something the celebrity chef did himself when he visited MA in 2014 and explored the heroin epidemic in an episode of his show Parts Unknown.

Gladys said Ripert had told her that "Tony had been in a dark mood these past couple of days, but she had no idea why he might have chose to kill himself". Bourdain, she said "did much for overlooked causes and cuisines, including that of Vietnam. Money beyond his wildest dreams", she continued.

Bourdain spent more than two decades in professional kitchens, first shucking oysters and washing dishes in a Cape Cod seafood shack and later cooking in high-end Manhattan kitchens, before accepting a friend's offer to fly him to Mexico if he agreed to write a novel.

"Let's not forget that Anthony Bourdain was one of the few prominent media personalities who regularly humanized Muslims and Arabs as regular, everyday people-without politicizing their lives or stories", tweeted Khaled Beydoun, a law professor at the University of Detroit Mercy, and author of American Islamophobia.

Moutier of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, said that suicides can be "contagious" - hearing about one may make others who are already at risk turn to self-harm. He is a fantastic guy and I can not imagine that this is what has happened to him. We was set to eat dinner with friend Eric Ripert on Thursday night, but he did not show up. A receptionist then went to Mr. Bourdain's room, where he was found hanging in the room.

Before he got into television, he worked as a chef at the NY restaurant.

Argento and Bourdain were seen together apparently happy as recent as two weeks ago, but questions about their relationship had emerged after Argento was pictured walking around Rome with journalist Hugo Clement on Monday. "I know it's been a couple of days, but it is still so raw". In a statement posted to Twitter, the actress, 42, remembered the celebrity chef as "brilliant" and her "protector".

"He was so excited to be working with Christopher Doyle", she said.

"I looked in a mirror and I saw somebody worth saving, or that I wanted to at least try real hard and save", he said.

At CNN, people are "in complete shock" about Bourdain's death, a source told E! The prosecutor explained that it didn't appear as if Anthony had planned it; it appeared to be an "impulsive act".

Beneath the swagger and mischievous grin, however, loomed a history of lethally destructive behavior.

"They said we'll call you back". At that point, wrote Bourdain, "my nightly attempts at suicide ended".

"There have been times, honestly, in my life that I figured, I've had a good run - why not just do this stupid thing, this selfish thing ... jump off a cliff into water of indeterminate depth", he said. With emotional and evocative tributes, it was not just fans and friends mourning the death of the Emmy-winning celebrity chef, but also former US President Barack Obama.