Trump Winning Battle Against Business Groups on Tariff Authority

  • Trump Winning Battle Against Business Groups on Tariff Authority

Trump Winning Battle Against Business Groups on Tariff Authority

British Prime Minister Theresa May is telling President Donald Trump that his decision to impose tariffs and steel and aluminum imports from the European Union was "unjustified and deeply disappointing". Senators, particularly from farm states, have lobbied Trump for months against starting a full-scale trade war that could dampen economic growth. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was one of a handful of Senate Republicans who met with President Trump Wednesday to talk trade, said. "I have urged President Trump instead to focus on reciprocity-do for our country what our country does for you-instead of imposing tariffs, which are basically higher taxes on American consumers". Corker is "absolutely right, but I also understand the president's viewpoint too", he said. The Corker legislation opens the possibility of ending the new tariffs because it would cover not only future actions, but any taken within the last two years.

The Trump administration last week announced steel and aluminum tariffs on many US allies, including Mexico, Canada, and the European Union, claiming the tariffs were for national security reasons.

"While I believe that we should hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and I strongly support strong trade enforcement rules that protect American workers, the President should not be relying on an obscure provision of a trade law meant to uphold national security in order to impose tariffs on our allies".

"President Trump's global trade war is creating chaos here at home", said Hun Quach, vice president of worldwide trade at the retail leaders' group. The tariffs would have to be approved by both the House and the Senate before they could be implemented. GOP Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona took to the Senate floor Thursday morning to call on lawmakers to stand up to Trump.

"The staggering negative impact of the administration's proposed tariffs is already being felt by workers and businesses across the country", said Flake. The bill has only recently been announced and it is not yet clear how this would affect the president politically.

This reality doesn't seem to discourage the senators, who are aggressively moving forward with the bill.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday, June 5, said that US President Donald Trump shouldn't pardon himself and dismissed the possibility of a legal question coming up ever.

Others warn that their patience will run out if Trump doesn't produce trade deals.

Senators, he added should "give the president the time and ability to achieve his goals". "I will not support any efforts that weaken his position", Graham said in a statement. "If we did something next week, it would undercut him".