Queen Elizabeth had eye surgery in May ―Buckingham Palace

  • Queen Elizabeth had eye surgery in May ―Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth had eye surgery in May ―Buckingham Palace

A royal spokesperson said, 'I can confirm that the Queen successfully underwent a short planned procedure to treat a cataract last month'.

The Queen was out today at Westminster Abbey with her son Prince Charles to open the The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries - a collection from the Abbey which dates from the 10th century.

In April, the husband of Elizabeth II - Duke of Edinburgh Philip - had surgery on the hip joint.

The queen does not usually wear shades outdoors in public; she wants the crowds that turn out to greet her to be able to see the whole package, as it were.

In recent weeks the Queen has been seen wearing sunglasses at a number of events, including the Royal Windsor horse show and Buckingham Palace garden parties.

Besides, Britain is not known for brilliant sunshine.

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Friday (June 8) that the 92-year-old monarch underwent cataract surgery back in May.

To treat them, the cloudy lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial one in an operation that usually takes just over half an hour.

Cataracts are cloudy patches on the eye's lens which can cause blurred vision and eventually blindness.

The procedure usually takes 30 to 45 minutes, and the Queen was in and out in the same day. During recovery, patients have to protect their eyes from bright light for at least a few weeks.

The last time Queen Elizabeth was in hospital was in 2013 at age 86 after she suffered a bout of gastroenteritis.